Parkwood Doors

Parkwood Doors

Parkwood Entrance Doors

Parkwood’s doors include three ranges - aluminium powdercoated doors, Duramax fibreglass, and solid timber doors.

The aluminium and Duramax fibreglass front doors are perfect for entrances exposed to weather. The solid timber range must be in a entrance situation sheltered from the elements or an interior door.

Parkwood Interior Doors

The Parkwood range of interior doors is manufactured from a large selection of timbers sourced – wherever possible – from sustained-yield forests. Our skilled workforce, ensure any timber used is of the highest quality and nicely colour matched.

These doors are custom-built to your specifications.  You can choose the door style and timber that best matches your interior design, and specify the exact size you require.  

Door Finish & Hardware

 Add door hardware, choose from a powder coat, stain or paint finish, and select your style of glass, to ensure your front door is complete.

Parkwood offers a wide variety of glass, door furniture and finishing options suit your needs.  Read more in our brochures or speak to your local Parkwood agent about your ideas and to arrange for a free consultation and quote.