Parkwood Interior Doors

For more than 20 years, Parkwood has been manufacturing and supplying all kinds of doors; from traditional wooden villa styles to the very latest contemporary aluminium designs.

The Parkwood range of interior doors is manufactured from a large selection of timbers sourced – wherever possible – from sustained-yield forests. Our skilled workforce, ensure any timber used is of the highest quality and nicely colour matched.

These doors are custom-built to your specifications.  You can choose the door style and timber that best matches your interior design, and specify the exact size you require.  

Solid Timber Internal Doors

When choosing interior doors, you should first consider what design best fits the period or style of home you’re building or renovating. How important is consistency? Is it important that the inside look ties in with the impression of the building from
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All Parkwood doors come with a warranty:

Timber doors 5 years. Aluminium doors 5 years. Fibreglass doors 10 years

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